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Why Baker St. Pretzels?

A recipe created from scratch that takes a bit of the old world, a Biga started in 2011, and adding it to our daily baked goods. It’s more than just white bread in a pretzels shape.

Each pretzel is unique, rolled and double twisted by hand. No machines.

Baker St Pretzels

Lastly, we use a traditional  German Laugenbrezel baking process. It's why our pretzel's crumb is so chewy and firm to the touch with the perfect golden brown hue.

You WILL Taste The Difference In A Baker St. Pretzel!

What we make and bake in haus:

Bavarian Pretzels

200g/7 oz of Bavarian pretzel bread goodness. Hand rolled and enjoyed with craft beer of choice.

Salted, unsalted or everything topping (Salt, Garlic, Onion, Sesame, Poppy and Caraway seeds)

Baker St Pretzels - Brewer's Brats

Brewers Brat

¼ LB quality non-nitrate pre-cooked

Continental jalapeno cheddar pork or cheddar pork brat encased in our pretzel bread to retain flavor and moisture.

A beerfest favorite!

Pretzel wrapped brats are a special order item. Please call to verify availability

Baker St Pretzels - Denver Colorado

Prezsants (pretzel croissant)

3.5 oz butter croissant baked with a pretzel crumb

Topped with Salt or Everything topping (Salt, Garlic, Onion, Sesame, Poppy and Caraway seeds).

Enjoy by themselves or can hold up to any sandwich from egg to black forest ham with our mustard.

Baker St Pretzels Horseradish Mustard

Bier Horseradish Mustard

Not a mustard for the weak-hearted!

Horseradish creeps up, pow, tear, breath in and go for another bite.

Enjoy as a dipping condiment or add to any recipe from deviled eggs to marinating a rack of ribs.

Haus made!

How To Buy Baker St Pretzels

If you live in the Denver, Colorado area

Call (303-941-4674) or place an order online, with 24 hours notice and we will bake a batch for you to pick up. We bake six days a week Tuesday thru Sunday. Pick-up time is 11 to Noon. Please contact us if special arrangements are needed. Limited delivery area is available for large orders.

Find Our Pretzels In Denver's Finest Breweries, Taverns and Cafés

Since our pretzels pair so well with craft beer, we support local craft breweries, bars and cafes listed on the TRY OUR PRETZELS page. Go for their beer, stay for our pretzels. You can also visit the events page and find us at several beer festivals, and special events throughout the year. We will be adding new drinking establishment's and events every so often so check back monthly as we update our list.

Thanks for stopping by.

We are individually wrapping the next pretzel for you.


Brock Coffman - Owner of Baker St Pretzels in Denver Colorado

Brock Coffman
Pretzel Purveyor & President of Baker St Pretzels

Brockmeyer Coffman and his lovely wife, Debra, baked from scratch in 2011, what's know today as Baker St. Pretzels.

After drinking liters of Bier and eating Bavarian pretzels in Deutschland, Brock imagined that Denver kneaded a quality German Laugenbrezel. And here they are five years later baking 6 days a week for Denver area breweries, bars, cafes and other partners.

While wholesale is their daily bread, if you need some quality Bavarian pretzels for your own gig let them know.